Random Man started out summer of 2003 with Bill Etheridge (guitar), David Lopez (guitar), Herman Spooner (bass), Christopher Sypi (drums). David had started playing piano as a kid and then moved to classical guitar which turned into rock guitar. He had played in a few covers bands when he decided he wanted to form an original band that combined melody, technique and explosive live performances.

David had seen Bill Etheridge play in a few metal acts in London and was thrilled by his playing but put off by comments of him being thin, drunk, and mean.

Surprisingly, Bill would reply to an add placed by David at Denmark Street in Central London. Bill had an ongoing project so it would actually be David who joined Bill's band.

Random Man would start rehearsing some original ideas and auditioning singers. By the time they had around 5 songs ready the band decided to go and play live as an instrumental act. The mentality was to start trying the songs live, and hopefully catch the interest of a good singer. The singer would eventually arrive after one year in the person of Mike O‘neil. Mike would bring a breath of fresh air and the most creative phase took place at that time. More than anything, positive word of mouth their live shows did wonders for Random Man who had a very unique sound for the time.

However, the band began to self-destruct around this same time. Personal demons and tensions had begun pulling the band apart. Chistopher distanced himself from the band, participating in various side projects

In the summer of 2004, due to irreconcilable differences within the band, David and Bill decided to disband and think of a better approach for Random Man

With Mike, Christopher and Herman not available for the project, Blll and David would spent the next six months auditioning musicians.

After failed attempts, tired and disappointed by the lack of luck, Dave and Bill decided to gointo the studio and record the Random Man songs in a attempt to capture the magic they felt was being lost

David and Bill recorded a number of 12 songs in 3-16 hours per day sessions. By the end of the recording they were exhausted but happy with the job done but not knowing that the project faced another blow.

When Mike was asked for his authorization to release the material he had co-written, he would refuse claiming he already had copyright on the material and he had the intention of using it in a future project. Six of the songs from that recording session would never see the light… not under the name of Random Man.

They would record again with singer Keely Mannin a few weeks after the first less than satisfactory recording session. For this recording, the material would be brand new and with a slightly diferent vibe which can be perceived in the album. This means ‘The String Theory is divided into two parts, because of songs being recorded at different times, under different circumstances and different states of mind.

Random Man releases ‘The String Theory' on 30th May unaffected by trends, with the aim of making something new out of metal, an album two years in the making, hard-hitting and mind-blowing, a new hope for modern metal. Spread the word.

- Dave, Bill, Keely

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